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You might be wondering who the fruity folk behind Juicy the Peach and the Popcorn Palaver are.

Well ... author Anna is a mum of four living on Waiheke - an island off the north island of New Zealand.

With a passion for that which is silly, a desire to share her love of the written word with children everywhere and a personal mission to help keep real books alive (not those funny electronic ones!!!) she created Beeswax Books. Her debut picture book is 'Juicy the Peach and the Popcorn Palaver'.

Antony Elworthy is an illustrator and animator, and a husband, and a father to four boys. His family has been rather peripatetic - sometimes living in Christchurch, New Zealand by the sea, and sometimes in Europe or America where Antony works on stop-motion feature films (‘Coraline’, ‘Frankenweenie’, ‘The Boxtrolls’, to name a few). He has illustrated many educational books for children, ‘Juicy the Peach’ is his first trade picture book.